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Plush Refillable Hot Water Bottle Belt

Plush Refillable Hot Water Bottle Belt

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Helps improve blood circulation, relieve menstrual pain and feel more relaxed during the special time


  • Comfortable Plush Hip Cover 

Comes with a plush hip cover, designed with super soft double insert, keep warm on your hands and waist at the same time. Helps to contact the heat directly to the skin, which can cause burns.

  • Multifunctional Use:

Our hot water bottle bag is great for pain relief, arthritis, sports injuries. Hot therapy helps relax your tired muscles and tight shoulders from stress and too much workout. They can also be used for cold therapy, simply fill in cold water or crushed ice

  • Durable And Safe:

Hot water bottle is made of rubber for maximum safety and heat transfer perfectly, keeping the water warmer for longer. To provide more safety, the temperature of the hot water should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.

  • Wide Bottle Nozzle:

 Comes with a splash guard stopper, safe and easy to put water in and escape and prevent water from spilling out. Our hot water bottle has a maximum capacity of 900 ml, recommended to fill up to two thirds.



Package includes

  • Belt +Cloth bag + Hot Water Bottle
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Plush Refillable Hot Water Bottle Belt