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Sale 49% OFF💖Flying Discs Launcher Toys

Sale 49% OFF💖Flying Discs Launcher Toys

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Playing with this flying launcher toy will improve your relationship with your children as you spend time together. Your kids' hands-on skills, reaction skills, and other abilities will also be improved.

Toys For Boys and Girls

This children's toy comes with 8 discs and 2 catch nets for both boys and girls. Children can utilize the catch nets to capture the discs and enjoy the excitement of running erratically by loading several discs into the launcher at once and stepping on it to send the discs into the air up to 23 feet.

Easy and Simple

Anyone can control this creative step-on flying saucer toy, it's perfect for ages 3+ age old to play with each other. Before playing, put on the goggles, insert the discs into the launcher slot, and press the launch button on the outdoor toy. Wait until the discs are in midair before catching them with a net!

Great Gift Choice 

High-quality ABS material was utilized in the creation of this flying sauce toy in order to give kids a pleasurable playing experience while also enhancing its durability and sturdiness. Small children can play more comfortably thanks to the edge's smoothness. The pedal has a cushioning mechanism that can shield the feet from harm.

Package Content & Quality Assurance

 Launcher, Flying Saucer, Eight Anti-Skid Mats, Two Catcher Nets, Two Ear Plugs, and Two Plastic Face Shields.


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Sale 49% OFF💖Flying Discs Launcher Toys