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Wack-A Balloon Game

Wack-A Balloon Game

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Wack-A Balloon is the newest game brought to you!


  • Challenge yourself or friends/family because you never know who will be the one to pop the balloon! This engaging game will test your hand eye coordination and increase cognitive brain activation! 

  • How To Play: 

Inflate one of the balloons (100 included) and place it under the Wack-A Balloon box! Take the Wack!! Hammer and the nails provided. Spin the spinner that's included.

Whatever it lands on is the amount of nails you need to hammer into the Wack-A Balloon box. Be strategic and try your best to not pop the balloon! Continue playing like this, taking turns until the balloon pops. Whoever pops the balloon is the loser. 


  • Material: plastic
  • Weight: 750g/1.65lb
  • Size:


  • 1 set × Wack-A Balloon Game
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Wack-A Balloon Game